Frantz Image: ST 81Siphnian Treasury South Frieze, figures S 10 - S 15
Title:   Siphnian Treasury South Frieze, figures S 10 - S 15
Negative Number:   F 523
Photographer:   Alison Frantz
Country:   Greece
Region:   Mainland Greece
City:   Delphi
Site:   Delphi
Museum:   Delphi Archaeological Museum
Date:   July 5-10 1967
Appellation:   Siphnian Treasury Frieze, South
Subject:   Animal
Category:   Architectural structures and elements
Subcategory:   Frieze
View:   Full frontal
Notes:   The numbering of the figures follows V. Brinkmann, 1994
Published:   No
Collection Title:   Alison Frantz Photographic Collection
Image Width:   668
Image Height:   514