Frantz Image: AT 329Warrior Vase, warrior, detail, NM 1426
Title:   Warrior Vase, warrior, detail, NM 1426
Negative Number:   D 653
Photographer:   Alison Frantz
Country:   Greece
Region:   Attica
City:   Athens
Site:   Mycenae
Museum:   National Archaeological Museum
Date:   August 28 1963
Appellation:   Warrior Vase
Subject:   Crater, Armor
Category:   Terracottas
Subcategory:   Vessel
View:   Detail
Published:   Yes
Bibliography:   From the Silent Earth, A Report on the Greek Bronze Age, Joseph Alsop, 1962, 1964 [Fig. 127]
Collection Title:   Alison Frantz Photographic Collection
Image Width:   547
Image Height:   709