Frantz Image: AE 74
Title:   Episkopi, the Heroon/Church, Early Christian templon post in apse
Negative Number:   F 402
Photographer:   Alison Frantz
Country:   Greece
Region:   The Greek Islands
City:   Sikinos
Site:   Episkopi
Museum:   NA
Date:   May 24 - 31 1967
Appellation:   NA
Subject:   Templon post
Category:   Tombs and sepulchral monuments
Subcategory:   Heroon, Church
View:   Detail
Comment:   Picture number assigned 2001.
Published:   Yes
Bibliography:   The "Temple of Apollo Pythios" on Sikinos, Alison Frantz, Homer A. Thompson, John Travlos, 1969 [Fig. 036]
Collection Title:   Alison Frantz Photographic Collection